Best Practices

Best practices followed by School


Every school has a culture, texture and ambience of its own Delhi Heritage School takes pride in its simplicity and quality of education. Our entire staff is easily accessible and exudes positivity which in itself transcends to the students and parents. The overall aura of the school is cheerful, trusting and confident.


Effective communication goes a long way in building lasting association between management, academician and parents. We believe in regular interaction with the parents not only through PTM's but also through interactive sessions with teachers, workshops, webinars, regular circulars articulating school's vision, events on large as well as class wise scale where parents are invited to watch and cheer their wards.


Delhi heritage school envisions a bright and progressive future for its students and all effort is guided towards the vision. we aim at providing best infrastructure, ensures students exposure to all possible opportunities, well planned syllabi, regular and meaningful assessment, outings, trips and educational tours for students, thrust on sports and co-curricular activities, hosting and participation in inter-school events, individual stage exposure to 100 % students are just to name of few. The aim is to bring up balanced, energetic, smart, well behave, individuals with insatiable quest of knowledge and learning.


The classroom is most important and is the focal point where the school’s vision has to be executed. Classroom best practices are devised through regular training, brainstorming sessions and group discussions the same are dynamic and are revised and improvised periodically. The thrust is on interactive and experiential leaning. Reading and Handwriting are special attention areas in the primary classes.

DEAR DAY (Drop Everything and Read) is a regular feature when the whole school including support staff, guards, visitors just explore the joy of reading together. One way teaching where teachers speak for the major part of the class is discouraged and it is ensured that the students get ample opportunity to express themselves. It can also be called and organized chaos student which is looked upon with positivity and pleasure. Interactive smart classes, podcasts etc. are a regular feature in teaching aids along with storytelling, virtual tours, role play and classroom games.


Delhi Heritage School lays utmost stress on educational outcomes rather than on inputs. General education, value education, emotional and attitudinal well-being and confidence building entwined in curriculum. Each day after the Morning Prayer, an HR Period is designed wherein the students voice, their thoughts, narrate anecdotes, speak their opinion on topic like Empathy, Honesty, Responsibility, Compassion, etc.

The teachers at times prepare a wall of expressions in classes where students can pen their thoughts, doubts, problems, happiness, etc. anonymously and the teacher after a few days open those slips for general class discussion.

The students with special needs are dealt with compassion and equal opportunity to them is insured. The classmates are encouraged to be friendly and positive with them.