Our Esteemed Patron

At Delhi Heritage School, the aim is to form integrated, responsible and diligent persons committed to peace & justice and ambitious for outstanding achievements. To realize this aim, the school offers many co-curricular activities in sync with the academics, which help unfold the students’ talent and creativity. The motto is not only to set excellent standards in academics but also to provide a healthy and congenial atmosphere in achieving total education through all rounded personality development of the students, paving their way towards a bright career. People who win gold medals in the Olympic Games, Noble Prize in different fields of knowledge, awards and accolades in varied areas of work have not achieved success by just being lucky. They have channelized their energy towards fulfilment of their objectives and accomplished themselves in their chosen fields. Such is the motivation provided by DHS to its students.

Sanjay Ahuja
Esteemed Patron of the School - DHS