The Secretary's Message

Education aims at inculcating the spirit of perseverance clubbed with the right amount of inquisitiveness and quest for knowledge. Delhi Heritage School offers a structured approach to teaching-learning process to justify the aim of education. With life becoming increasingly competent, children these days face tremendous challenges. Success doesn’t come easily. One has to strive and struggle incessantly to achieve the set goals. In such a scenario, school provides much needed support-educational, emotional & moral to the students preparing them to build confidence, to be able to take practical decisions and to turn their dreams to reality. Whether it is 'success' or 'innovation' or both that one strives for the common element that makes a difference is work ethics that he takes. The role of teachers is pivotal in establishing positive and energetic atmosphere in school. I am proud of the fact that we are blessed with an incredibly motivated, caring and talented faculty. Their enthusiasm is contagious and transcends to the students.

Amarnath Ahuja
Secretary of the School - DHS