The Manager's Message

Greetings to all ! Delhi Heritage School was established with a clear objective and belief that 'Knowledge Alone Liberates'. The school imparts to its Students, not only the best of education but more importantly teaches them to exercise their knowledge with conscience, kindness, morality and dignity. The students are trained to be able to take part in the ever changing world with positivity. The school imbibes intensive use of a variety of thinking activites, group dynamics, public speaking platforms and opportunities of self-expression. The prerequisites for a fulfilling school life are provided to the students in the school. We have a strong team of motivated teachers who are ready to take on the challenge of developing the child's potential. Individual attention is given to every student, combined with many co-curricular opportunities. Our students are provided with a safe, nurturing and caring environment so that their association with the school becomes fulfilling, enriching and meaningful. "A young child is indeed a true scientist, just one big question mark-What? Why? How?". Our attempt is to provide the answers, ignite the fire within them and to give them an environment to pursue their dreams.

Kiran Gambhir
Manager of the School - DHS